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Public Engagement

As a group we take great pride and enjoyment in making our work as inclusive as possible. In the past three years we have increased our focus on STEM activities and public engagement; having several of our members accredited STEM Ambassadors and representing our research more within the university and to the general public.

Please find out more about our public engagement on our Twitter and Blog!

Gerry recording promo material for the Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation.

STEM Ambassador Activities
Jelly Cells
Glasgow Science Centre - Meet the Expert!

As part of Glasgow Science Centre's Meet the Expert event, Gill, Paul, Chris and Alan teamed up with fellow researchers from the IIIs to host the "Neutrophils - Gotta Catch'm all!" event. They spent the weekend teaching young children and their parents about the role of neutrophils in antimicrobial defence and NETosis using games and a lot of glitter. It was a great experience and gave the CRG some great ideas about running our own event in the future!

Secondary Education

Every year we take three Advanced Higher Biology students into the lab to do their projects with members of the group between October and February. Given the nature of the work we do in our lab, the projects we create for the students are more diverse than those offered by the SQA and as a result allow the students to really apply their scientific knowledge. 

We also take work experience pupils to let them experience science careers first hand.