The CRG enjoying our 2018 Away Day at the beautiful SCENE at Loch Lomond

Within the CRG we currently have a number of active research groups who work collaboratively whilst also having distinct research interests. The groups that make up the CRG include:


The Graham Lab

Wellcome Group - Catherine Hughes, Laura Medina-Ruiz, Fabian Schuette, Robin Bartolini, Francesca Vidler


MRC Group - Gillian Wilson, Marieke Pingen, Ayumi Suzuki, Samantha Love


Other Group Members - Hanna Johnsson, Rob Reilly, Elaine Leung, Heba Halawa, Yaser Al-Madhagi


The Cavanagh Lab


Maria Suessmilch, James Herron, Alison McColl, Julie-Myrtille Bourgognon, Christine Mosses, Sam Leighton

The Campbell Lab


Kay Hewit, Alan Hayes, Chris Kelly, Nerea Cuesta-Gomez

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