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The CRG enjoying our 2018 Away Day at the beautiful SCENE at Loch Lomond

Within the CRG we currently have a number of active research groups who work collaboratively whilst also having distinct research interests. The groups that make up the CRG include:


The Graham Lab

Wellcome Group - Catherine Hughes, Laura Medina-Ruiz, Fabian Schuette, Robin Bartolini


MRC Group - Gillian Wilson, Marieke Pingen, Ayumi Suzuki, Samantha Love


Other Group Members - Dr Hanna Johnsson, Francesca Vidler, Rob Reilly, Elaine Leung, Aula Ammar, Heba Halawa 


The Cavanagh Lab


Maria Suessmilch, James Herron, Alison McColl

The Campbell Lab


Kay Hewit, Alan Hayes Chris Kelly, Nerea Cuesta-Gomez